A Sampling of Holidays – 8/18 to 8/24

August 19th – National Potato Day, National Hot & Spicy Food Day

Hot Potatoes!
Hot and Spicy
And Hot Peppers!

August 20th – National Bacon Lover’s Day

Bacon Day
I love bacon so much!

August 22nd – National Eat a Peach Day

I am so glad peaches are in season.

August 23rd – Butter Corn Day, National Sponge Cake Day

Roasted Creamed Corn. Yes, there is butter in it! 
Sponge Cake!

August 24th – National Waffle Day

I love having waffles for Dinner!

Savory Waffles
Savory waffle with peppers, onions, sausage, and queso.


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