Color of the Week – Green


If a picture can paint a thousand words, what can ten thousand small works of art do?

This question crossed my mind after I saw Jonathan Saiz’s art exhibit. He has created a large column of art made up of 10,000 small pieces of art exploring the question; What is Utopia?

The large column is hard to take in from afar. When you first see it you notice the subtle changing of the colors as you move around the installation. Then you find yourself drawn in by each small square of art. Each one tells a story not only for the artist but yourself.

I didn’t see the ladybugs in the lime green square when I took the photo, it was only when I posted it that I noticed them. Makes me wonder what else is waiting to be discovered.

If you are in the Denver area before mid-November 2019, I would encourage you to check it out at the Denver Art Museum! #WhatisUtopia


Dance like no one is looking.

While walking through the Denver Botanic Gardens one Sunday afternoon, I noticed this sculpture tucked away under the trees. It was just by chance that I saw it as I looked to my right.

If you are wondering the gardens until the mid-September, be on the lookout for this great piece. Human / Nature

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